STEM FEST Teacher/Clubs

Teacher/Club Involvement

DEADLINE to get on our Activity Station Passport is MARCH 18th!

You can still sign up after this date, but your activity station won’t be on the Passport but WILL be on the huge maps located in the common areas.

​Thank you for taking  the time to learn more about STEM FEST and how it can directly benefit you. STEM FEST is becoming a showcase of what we do at STEM School Highlands Ranch and we would like to enhance this event to directly benefit your classrooms or clubs.​

It’s an easy fundraiser for your classroom/club and this extra money can be used to enhance your classrooms, your club or simply do that one thing that you have been wanting to do with your students. Your contact time can be used for day of volunteering, as well as your Teacher Socials! This is a fundraiser that your classroom/grade parents will really enjoy helping you coordinate. ​

There are two components to STEM FEST we are looking for Teacher/Club involvement. The First Opportunity is an Activity to run during the festival.  The second is a Teacher/Club Social to auction during the festival, but scheduled at a later date. 

Day of Festival Activity Booths

How are STEM FEST Activity Stations being coordinated this year? 

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We have slightly changed the event again, but feel this will benefit everyone.  To the external audience, the only change will be that all activities day of will be a part of the ticket cost. 

We would like each of you to come up with a “unique” activity/game/craft/etc. for our attendees to “play” during the event.

​We are just now starting to set up how each club/class/grade will be set up. Here are some changes that may impact you.

1.  We will be charging 2 types of entrance fees. One will include unlimited activities and rides. One will be 1 activity per station (no rides). (Volunteers & Teachers will get their entrance fee waved or tickets at a discount.)

2.  PTO will collect all the money for all Tickets. We will be using Handbid App to collect all the money.  Participants will simply go into the app and purchase the ticket that fits their family better.  2 different wristbands will worn to reflect the ticket. 

3. We will work with each teacher/club in finding activities if you don’t already have one. Each activity is on a first come basis; the earlier we put you down for an activity, the better. Joint stations or Multiple of some are absolutely ok!  

4.   What about the expenses? PTO can reimburse individuals or any expenses that a club, class or grade might acquire in order to put on the activity. We have already put many of the expenses in our budget so turn in those receipts.  PTO can also purchase or ask for donations on your behalf. Please email us if you have further questions.

5.  Sorry No Food/Candy.  As for concessions, we have been asked to take a more direct involvement with any food being served at the event. The PTO will be selling popcorn, cotton candy, additional goodies and drinks.  Don’t worry though, we are sharing the proceeds with you!  

6.  We are asking teachers to use their rooms or get permission to use another teacher’s room, if needed. Teachers and clubs can use these classrooms to showcase your students’ works. We want everyone to know the amazing stuff you are doing in the classroom and beyond.

7.  Get your students and parents involved!  There is no reason you need to do this all on your own.  Your students and their parents need volunteer hours and can help with so many different aspects of this event!  

8.  Can’t be there or work a station?  Display Display Display! You can still help us.  If you can display your students work outside of your rooms, you will show what makes STEM one of the best schools in Colorado!

9. As a reminder, simply by spending your time and energy, you are guaranteed $200 for your classroom with the potential of receiving more!  And money will come faster!!!!

​Sign Me Up….But Where do I start?
Activity to Do At STEM FEST

We would like you (or hopefully many volunteers) to plan and execute an activity station during the event. This doesn’t need to be a tangible item, but an experience, such as a chance to play with a robot. Please take a moment to look at the example below. 

2nd Grade is learning about Reversible Change in science, so they have chosen making lip balm as their activity. They will use one of their classrooms during the event. The attendees get to measure, mix and make their very own lip balm to take home. The teachers will be asking their parents to donate supplies. Any supplies that do not get donated, a volunteer will purchase these items to be reimbursed (a teacher is also allowed to purchase and be reimbursed). The more you get donated, the more profit for you. 

​Can’t think of what a good activity for your grade or club? We’ve got you covered! We have created an entire list of activitiesfor you. The only restriction is to stay away from any food items, including candy.


Terrific Teacher Time for the Auction

​ A time honored tradition at many schools and quickly becoming one at STEM, auctioning off a chance for your students to spend some quality time with you can bring in significant revenue. It can be a simple “Lunch with Your Teacher at school”. If you have any additional ideas beyond these, please take a moment to run your teacher time idea by administration to ensure your activity is in line with our approved activities. A simple chat or email to our directors is best.

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You would choose the social that fits best for you or your team. You can have a specific date/time to do your social and limit the number of attendees/opportunities. You can make it so opportunities are available for the first “x” number students or the “highest bidder(s)” to win. We leave that up to you.  If you are still unsure of what to do, don’t worry!  Just email us at  We can help you with all your Teacher Time needs!

​The PTO will host a “wear your Hat” to school.  Each bidder can purchase the opportunity for their child to wear a hat to school on May 11th. Each opportunity will cost $10 and the money will go toward an end of the year party for the teachers and staff. 

ALL THE MONEY COMES DIRECTLY to your grade/department!  What ever the winning bid!

​When will We receive the money?

​Since this festival/auction will be tickets and auction, reconciliation will be much faster this year!  We will be sending a check to the school within ONE MONTH of the event.  Auction amounts will be immediately known after the auction ends.  Day of Activities will take longer but our goal is to know 2 weeks from the end of the event.  

Need Further Help?

Lastly, if you need help AT ALL, from getting volunteers to getting started, we can help you! Please email us for all your STEM FEST questions, needs or ideas. We are happy to help you any way we can.