PTO Agendas and Meeting Minutes


March 2019 Executive Session Meeting Minutes
March 2019 Monthly Meeting Agenda (meeting changed to Executive Session due to SnowStorm)March 2019 Monthly Meeting Agenda

February 2019 Monthly Meeting Minutes
February 2019 Monthly Meeting Agenda

January 2019 Monthly Meeting Minutes
January 2019 Monthly Meeting Agenda

January 2019 Executive Session Minutes
January 2019 Executive Session Agenda

December 2018 Minutes
December 2018 Agenda (not available)

November 2018 Minutes
November 2018 Agenda (not available)

October Special Session 2018 Minutes
October 2018 Agenda (not available)

September 2018 Minutes
September 2018 Agenda (not available)

August 2018 Minutes
August 2018 Agenda (not available)

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Previous Years


March 2018 Minutes
March 2018 Agenda
January/February 2018 Agenda
December 2017 Agenda
November 2017 Agenda
October 2017 Agenda (combined meeting with SAC)
September 2017 Minutes
September 2017 Agenda
August 2017 Minutes
July 2017 Minutes

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