Field of….

T eamwork
E ndless Opportunity

C ompetitive Fun
H ealth & Wellness

It’s the Field of Dreams
We Go Beyond the Classroom

Help Us Build a Field that will exceed all our students Dreams!

PlayField Project Capital Campaign

$1.5 Million

Completed Phase One: K-5 Playground, Research, Environmental Studies, Plans and Construction Bids:  Paid entirely by STEM School HR at $280,786.00 (2018-2019)

Phase Two:  Irrigation and 100% GRASS Playfield and grass on the K-5 playground $500,000 (April 2019-August 2019)

Phase Three*: Reapplying for the Next Phases with the County Commissioners, Environment Impact Studies, Construction Bids  (Coming 2020) $150,000.00

Phase Four*:  New Driveway to make room for Playground (Coming 2020-2021, subject to county approval)   $300,000.00

Phase Five*:  K-8 Larger Playground (Coming in 2021, subject to county approval) $250,000.00

*all phases are subject to funding and governmental approval of plans.  Cost is an estimate.

A link to donate will be coming soon.