Join us on Zoom for our PTO meeting Tonight May 13 6:30-8pm.

Monday – THANK YOU!Record a video, create a slideshow or make a google document that says Thank You to a teacher.

Tuesday – HANDMADE ARTMake a piece of artwork that showcases your appreciation for you favorite teacher, take a picture and upload it.

Wednesday – LET’S GROW Plant a flower or do something that shows growth. Take a photo or create a video and upload it.

Thursday – FILL IN THE BLANK Download this form to say Thank You in your own words and then upload it. (i.e Thank you for your commitment, Attention you give, Needs that you tend, Knowledge you pass on)

Thursday – STEMStrong Wear your STEMSTRONG shirt or STEM colors and create a video, take a picture or create a slideshow that reflects what being STEMSTRONG means to you. 

Friday – FLOCKED FRIDAY!Create a poster using one positive word describing your favorite teacher or staff member. Take it to the school and place it in the boxes at either of the entrances.