WE HAVE 2 GREAT Contests Going On Now for all our students!

1. Spring 2019 Semester Box Tops/Milk Caps

Gear up for a GREAT Contest!
Put your Box Tops (6-12 grades) and Milk Caps (K-12) in a plastic bag
with your student’s name on it and turn them into the Collection Boxes
in the Main Lobbies. There will be prizes! 

This Contest ends April 30th and the winners will receive a gift card to
enjoy before finals/end of year celebrations. Winner will be announced a week later.

There will be one winner each for the following groups:
K-3 (Milk Caps Only) (See flyer /below for Elementary Box Top Contest)
4-5 (Milk Caps Only)
Middle School (Box Tops and Milk Caps)
High School (Box Tops and Milk Caps)

Happy collecting and good luck!
100% of the money earned goes directly to school!
To find out more about Milk Caps, please click here.

2.Elementary Box Top Contest

Gear up for a GREAT ELEMENTARY Contest!
The Spartan Post (our elementary Newspaper Club) has a challenge for
each homeroom in the elementary school. The class that collects the
most Box Tops by the 3rd Thursday of the month will win a prize.
Click here for the flyer!

A box top container is located in each elementary homeroom class. So
just send all those box tops directly with your student to give to their

Contest goes on until end of the school year! Winners (one class per
grade level) will be announced in the next issue of The Spartan Post.

This month’s prize is an extra 15 minutes of recess to be awarded by
your homeroom teacher.

Happy collecting and good luck!
100% of the money earned goes directly to school!

What our School Receives!

10 Boxtops = $1 for our school! These pink gems add up quickly!

​Clip BoxTops from everyday items in your household and send them to STEM School Highlands Ranch in a ziplock baggie or paper envelope.  For easy student drop off, BoxTop collection boxes are conveniently located in each elementary room and the school office lobbies (Elementary, Middle, High).  This is a great way for friends and family to help support our school by simply collecting Boxtops too.  Thank you for participating in this easy money-maker!   

Visit BTFE.com

2018-19 BoxTops Company Payment Schedule

  • July 1st — New BoxTops school year starts
  • November 1st — Fall BoxTops Submission Date Cut-Off
  • December — BoxTops Checks sent to schools
  • March 1st — Spring BoxTops Submission Date Cut-Off
  • April — BoxTops Checks sent to schools
  • June 30th — Last day of BoxTops school year

BoxTop Basics

STEM School Highlands Ranch BoxTop Collection boxes are located in each of the 3 offices for easy drop of by students.​

Please try to keep the BoxTop expiration date and product code intact and legible by cutting on the dotted line.

STEM School HR BoxTop Earnings
2013-14 ……….. $1032.06
2014-15 ……….. $1539.00
2015-16 …………  $752.10
2016-17………… $1201.50

eBoxTops with BoxTop App

Boost STEM School Highlands Ranch’s rewards with eBoxTops via BoxTop’s App!  You can earn bonus digital eBoxTops by (1) adding “offers” to selected BoxTop products in the BoxTop App, then (2) scanning receipts where said offers documenting the purchased items.  BoxTops will then confirm the offers where purchased and digitally add the Bonus BoxTops to our school’s BoxTop total.  All of the details on the BoxTop App can be found HERE.  

eBoxTops with Safeway

Boost STEM School Highlands Ranch’s rewards with eBoxTops at Safeway!  You can earn digital eBoxTops for STEM through Safeway’s “Just For U” Program.  Just add digital eBoxTops offers to your Safeway Card when you shop and STEM earns 10¢ for every digital eBoxTops when you buy participating items.  Sign up for the program HERE.  

eBoxTops can also be found at any of the Safeway family of stores nationwide making this an easy way for far-away friends and family to help support your child’s education.